Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Pump Track Day 1

some words from Ben, and some pics from Larry:

What a day. Chambersburg is an awesome town on the cusp of greatness. The town features historic buildings and a real sense of community. I am here to try and tap into that using cycling as a catalyst to propel people into a healthier and happier lifestyle.

The city has worked in conjunction with the Mountain Bikers of Michaux to create an opportunity to get families and community members on bikes having fun. We are building a pumptrack measuring roughly 25 x 100 feet and full of excitement. Yesterday was an introduction to all of the players and a look at the site, today was work, work, work.

It all started by moving all of the large rocks out of the fill material and moving soil into place on the design. Then, the fun began. As we started shaping the dirt this afternoon it was like the bat signal had been sent into the stratosphere and the call was out. We had a number of little laborers show up to pitch in and do their best to make sure they had something fun to ride by nightfall. At the wee hours, we are done. What a great day. I hope the photos do the experience justice.

Jody teaches the kids how to work

I want to thank some of the key members of this team. Thanks Larry, Tom, Mike, Jody, and Herb. You all rock, it is folks with the foresight like you that can make a difference in people’s lives.

Okay everyone, days 1 and 2 are in the books.


B4 Consulting and Construction

Ben Blitch



"Nostalgia By Design"

I Dig Good Blog

Ben doin' the design ride concept

Tim brought out a couple shovels and his 20"


brett said...

damn i wish i could get down there to help! how long do you guys work?

camps said...

Probably 'till dark Weds & Thurs.

dan@gtownbmx said...

hey its Dan from gtownbmx . That's awesome you guys got something done for the local bikers! We would like to stop by but, we don't know where the track is at . Shoot an email to myself or chad.
dan@gtownbmx.com. Or

Sajkovich said...

Lookin good guys!

dirtygirlmagnet said...

I'm hoping to make it out Friday, trying to get out of work as early as possible. Directions to the track from I-81 would be helpful. I'll just keep driving around until I find it otherwise.

camps said...

from I-81,
30 west through the town square,
right onto Hood Street and Ice Cream Station at the rail-trail.
go one block to King St.

look for us.

J said...

Looked great today guys! I'll see you guys again tomorrow and I'll be ready for some more shoveling.

Ben- I have a plethora of pictures showing the progression of the Pump Track. If need be I can burn them to a disc for you before you leave.

-Josh a.k.a. Mohawk