Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Day 2

Here is Wed. update:

Today was great. We placed all of the dirt with the machine and are now hand finishing everything. The outer loop is roughed in and the kids track is feeling fine. The local riders are quickly developing the feel and the eye. We will refine that as the next few days progress.

The goal for tomorrow is to tighten up the area, house cleaning if you will. Also, we want to rough in the cross-overs and get those operational. Then, it is all about the DIAL on Friday. Ride, tweak, water, ride, tweak, water. So Saturday will be sure to be a raving success.

Today’s highlight for me? Over 35 people stopped by the pumptrack area throughout the day and a number of them commented they have never seen so many people in the area before. Utilizing unwanted spaces, this is yet another bonus to these types of facilities.

The weather looks great the next three days so wish us luck and a new pumptrack making smiles in small town USA.


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Neighborhood kid Sean has been there each day after school, digging and raking. Here he's borrowing Ben's bike and railing the small loop.

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