Friday, September 19, 2008

Day 4

Here is MY final update for the project.

What a day. Fire trucks for a water source? YES…and YES. I unloaded 500 gallons of water on a thirsty pump track in about 5 minutes this morning with the real fire hose. It allowed us to see a few of the low spots that would hold water and correct those, but within a half hour she was thirsty again, but rock solid. Then we steeped it down to a normal garden hose for a few hours.

The rest of the day consisted of working with a handful of local BMX riders, they finally showed up and dialing everything in with the water source. Now? The pumptrack is complete, and rocket fast. This afternoon produced a great session of some of the local rockstars and a few little kids as well. A side note to take away from this one is the smaller loop at the edge, the “Kid’s Loop” works as a great way to allow a slower rider in front of you to get away from you a little bit. I find it interesting though that everyone is wanting to take the long laps. It is rare, now that things are faster, that people want a short lap.

There are a lot of great things that came out of this project and one of them was meeting someone like Larry, he had never undertaken a project like this before and he has given a great gift to the community, even if it disappeared tomorrow. The friendships and comradery that were formed around Hood St. will last lifetimes. It is these little ripples in the universe and the smiles they come with that make this such satisfying work. I believe if we all took on little missions in life, to do a project like this, our world would be a better place.

What’s next? A long shower and some beers with these new found friends. Then tomorrow it is a little ribbon cutting ceremony and a drive to Philly. I am going to miss this town and the cool people that have bonded in it, but hopefully I will be back and the experience will allow me to take smiles to other folks around the country.



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pabiker said...

Indeed Ben - you met Larry.

J said...

Ben-I can send you a CD containing the pictures I showed you at the Pub, plus todays additions, via snail mail if you'd like.

-Josh aka Mohawk.