Thursday, September 18, 2008

Day 3

Here is the Thursday update.

Another awesome day. We finished the major dirt work today. Tomorrow is simply getting things watered and fine tuning it all. Interesting spin on a water source, we will be using a fire truck for the water. That is gonna be really cool.

Things have come together well this week, we have had the turnouts I would expect from day to day of kids calling kids and us having a lot of hands to do the work. A lot of these kids are the forgotten bunch, you know the ones who don’t really get guidance. I think it is great that in a setting like a pumptrack they get to see their elders experimenting with style and technique and they might learn a lesson or two about life. But the setting is so fun, they don’t really realize it.

The community around this corner that has formed is so multi faceted you can’t help but be inspired. A four year old who just learned to ride is on the track being followed by a forty year old who is trying to ride his cyclocross bike on the track because it feels more comfortable. But, my sound bite and user for the day was a mom with a baby jogger who said, “the rhythm must be perfect, my kid was awake and I took a spin on it with the jogger, just to try it out, when I came off the track little one was asleep.” I don’t really know why but, I like that.

I want to say thanks again to all the people in this great community for letting me come be a part of their lives for a week. It is really cool to have surrogate peer groups when I travel the country. This big world of ours is full of great people doing great things. Chambersburg is one of those places.


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scalpel15 said...

It looks awesome. I cant wait to come home and give it a try.

brett said...

this is so friggin' awesome.