Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Did a little tweaking on the track today.
Jordan and I raised about 4 rollers on the near side.
It wasn't riding that smoothly when we had to leave it.
If you ride it, leave us a comment and let us know if it's better or worse.
There's one roller on the back straight that seems a little pointy too. But maybe it's also packing down a little, as it doesn't seem quite as pointy as it did when we capped it a few weeks ago.


drw said...

rode today with a few local kids that were there. we decided that other than the rough section where there's drainage, the back section rides pretty well both ways. the front section, on the other hand, rides considerable better right to left. left to right, or making counterclockwise circles, is a tough rhythm. may just be us, though. what a stinking workout! and i must say it has clearly made me a much better mt biker in only a few sessions. i turn better and am much faster through twisty, flowing sections of trail.

camps said...

Some of the work we did capping rollers might contribute to the tough rhythm. We capped 4 on the front side, looker's right. They seemed a little too pointy, will try the pedal-test on them next time I'm there, and maybe shave them down a bit if necessary.